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Our services include a thorough evaluation, medication management and patient education. Our belief is that the patient benefits most by following the psychiatric evaluation with a dynamic and in-depth plan of action which is focused on the emotional and physical health of the patient. This treatment plan typically includes psychopharmacologic medication management and psychotherapy.

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We understand because we care! Depressive feelings has become the daily experience for quite a lot of people and these experience limits their chances of living a wholesome life. Do you know someone who is suffering from depression? We can help!

What is Depression?
Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes major depression can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide.

How Beaumont Psychiatric can help
At Beaumont Psychiatric, compassion and understanding are two rules that have helped us help patients. Our staff are compassionate and are made equipped with the knowledge to deal with whatever depressive challenges that the patient may be experiencing. We have seen it all and for that, you can trust us!

Panic & Anxiety Disorder

To be scared sometimes is okay but when that feeling becomes a regular experience, then it’s not too good.

Inordinate panic and sustained anxiety are the realities of some people today; one that has limited their chances of enjoying a fruitful life. You can live without worries, it might be hard at first but you sure can, if only you just try.

Beaumont Psychiatrics helps people with panic and anxiety disorders come out of fear to lead a great life.

What are the effects of panic and anxiety disorders?
Someone experiencing panic or anxiety disorders generally experiences low motivation, sadness and or show signs of continuous nervousness. This nervousness often leaves an individual consumed by fear and drained of energy,and that causes them to become unable to maintain relationships or continue with their regular activities.

This experience have caused many to lose their jobs while some others suffer from phobias that limits them. Some have grown to become scared of crammed spaces, heights, going on an airplane or even going across a bridge.

Those who suffer from panic and anxiety disorders experience some of the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Pounding heart
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Frequent urination or diarrhea
  • Tremor and twitching
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach upset or dizziness

Beaumont Psychiatric can help with panic and anxiety disorders
Beaumont Psychiatric is always available to help. We have recorded great success in short times with assisting those suffering from panic and anxiety disorders.

At Beaumont Psychiatric we are specialists at applying therapies and medication that are specific to the type and severity of your symptoms. We operate a facility that is conducive in an environment that is peace inducing in order to continue to guarantee the wellness of all patients.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We understand that life sometimes throws at us situations that can seem beyond our psychological threshold to accept and adapt. Many today suffer PTSD resulting from experiences that have left great negative marks in their lives. No one should live this way!

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a form of anxiety that results from a life threatening event or psychological trauma. Sufferers often experience intense nightmares resulting from remembrance of the traumatic event. They sometimes have anger management issues and can sometimes get paranoid over matters that are supposedly irrelevant.

Anyone can develop PTSD but most often, members of the military who have been involved in life threatening situations are often prone to developing the disorder. Some other persons who have had to deal with other premeditated, human-inflicted traumatic situations like rape, murder and or deadly physical attacks, are also likely to suffer from PTSD.

PTSD can cause fear that can have lifelong consequences. In trying to deal with PTSD, many sufferers have been drawn into drug and alcohol abuse and other forms of habit that can have negative effects in their lives.

How Beaumont Psychiatric can help
Our approach to treatment involves guided recollection and sharing of the traumatic events that led to the condition. We help sufferers vent their pains and express their fears, and then lead them through the process of healing in an environment of peace and tranquility.

At Beaumont Psychiatric, we help patients overcome their trauma. We help sufferer regain control and lessen the powerful hold of traumatic events.

Drug Addiction

Many lives have been destroyed by drug addiction. The effects of drug addiction transcends beyond the sufferer to affect the lives of family members, friends and associates. But there is a remedy… one that is tried, tested and trusted!

What is Drug Addiction?
When we think of drug abuse, most people often reason in the light of crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and or other street drugs that causes a change in the psychological state of the user.

Drug abuse is the compulsive addiction to any substance be it street drugs or medical prescriptions. The abuse of drugs is not spontaneous, addicts develop the habit through time and an unusual dependence on the substance that is being abused.

Drug abuse is negative in every regard and the addiction stopped to prevent further damage to the body.

Beaumont Psychiatric can help with Drug Addiction
Beaumont Psychiatric is a specialist with managing drug abuse and drug addiction. Because we understand the impact that abuse of drugs has on the individual, family, friends and the society, we have developed a psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. We also run detoxification treatments in tandem with other effective treatment measures that helps the patients recover from their addition with a firm prospects of never going back to drugs.

The notion of overcoming drug addiction may seem overwhelming, but recovery is possible at Beaumont Psychiatric. We run a facility that is manned by astute professionals. Our staff members are compassionate and empathic, nurturing the patients to good health in quick time.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction is real! Most individuals addicted to alcohol suffer from some form of severe psychiatric trauma marked by increased anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, alcohol induced psychosis, panic disorders and other symptoms.

There are several programs that have been setup to deal with the problem but most often than not, most addicts tend to go back the bottle. At Beaumont Psychiatric, we have taken a closer look at the causes of alcohol addiction and have developed treatment plans around breaking the causes of addiction to ensure 100% abstinence and sobriety.

What is Alcohol Addiction?
Alcohol addiction is the obsessive use of alcohol without regard to the negative impact on the drinker’s fitness, professional conduct or filial relationships. Some of the symptoms associated with alcohol abuse includes, disorientation, anxiety, panic disorders and alcohol induced psychosis.

The effects of alcohol on the individual are diverse. A number of mental health issues can be caused by long-term alcohol use. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the likelihood of high-risk behaviors and has been said to be the second leading cause of dementia. Alcohol addiction can cause an individual to experience memory loss of hours or days and if left untreated can cause permanent brain damage.

Beaumont Psychiatric can help with alcohol addiction
At Beaumont Psychiatric we treat all phases of alcohol addiction, we build the patients foundation for long-term abstinence and sobriety, by focusing on the patient making the required changes needed to live a life free of alcohol addiction.

The road to alcohol addiction starts with the patients’ affirmation of the problem and openness to treatment. Take that step and we will meet you halfway.

Now, that’s a promise!

Attention Deficit Disorder

Ever wonder why your little one can’t seem to seat still? Yes, the hallmark of every child’s development involves some form of hyperactivity but when that becomes the norm, then there is a challenge.

Many a child are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. They can’t seem to maintain concentration, are easily distracted, speak out of turn, impulsive and can often be found restless, and all of these without suffering from any serious underlying physical or mental disorder. Help is only a call away.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?
Attention deficit disorder is a development disorder that is marked by persistent symptoms of attention deficit such as distractibility, forgetfulness or disorganization or by symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity such as fidgeting, speaking out of turn or restlessness that is not caused by any serious underlying physical or mental disorder.

The symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder always interfere with normal development and daily functioning. A diagnosis of attention deficit disordercan range from mild to severe, and typically requires that symptoms be present by the age of 12 while being present in more than one setting such as at home and school. Attention deficit disorder can persist into adulthood creating difficulties with their jobs or social relationships.

The effect of this disorder in children and in adults is usually counterproductive. For children, it causes them to continual be disorganized, make mistakes and careless with their stuffs and those of others.

In young and mature adults, it causes a high degree of impatience, inner restlessness, and unreliability. Adults suffering from ADD are often forgetful, distracted and have difficulty keeping appointments.

How Beaumont Psychiatric can help
At Beaumont Psychiatric we specialize in treating Attention Deficit Disorder and we assist patients and their families in dealing with this condition. We have developed effective treatment strategies for the unique symptoms, brain function and neurotransmitter activity associated with an individual’s attention deficit disorder.

We are always available to help.


Severe change in the responsiveness of loved ones can cause great heartaches. When loved ones start to develop character traits that tends towards Schizophrenia, the impact it has on their general wellbeing and those of ours cannot be fully put to words.

We understand this and that’s the more reason at Beaumont Psychiatric, we have created an environment that makes treatment conducive and peaceful.

What is Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is characterized by disturbances in thought such as delusions, distorted perceptions, hallucinations, and behavior such as disorganized speech or catatonic behavior.

Schizophrenia is also characterized by a loss of emotional responsiveness and extreme apathy. It is involves noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life. Schizophrenic patients are often unable to relate with the concept of reality.

Their emotions and emotional expressions are often at crossroads, resulting in an often inappropriate response.

Beaumont Psychiatric can help
At Beaumont Psychiatric we treat individuals that are schizophrenic. We are specialists at applying therapies and medication that are specific to the type and severity of the symptoms.

We operate a facility that is conducive in an environment that is peace inducing in order to continue to guarantee the wellness of all patients.

Anger Management

Extreme paranoia is both an emotional and psychological disorder. The condition has caused great problems for patients as it often leaves them disoriented, with high heart rate, arterial tension and high blood pressure.

What is Anger?
Anger is characterized by resentment toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Being angry in general is not a bad thing but when it gets extreme it can cause serious problems.

Anger can increase blood pressure and trigger physical changes that are associated with anger that can make it difficult to think straight and ultimately harm your physical and mental health.

Uncontrolled anger over time can increase anxiety, cause high blood pressure and headaches. When we get angry, the heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone production increases, while cortisol or stress hormones decreases.

We can help at Beaumont Psychiatric
At Beaumont Psychiatric we treat individuals dealing with anger management in a comprehensive manner.

We offer an approach that seeks to address the root causes and assist the patient in developing techniques and strategies to better deal with their anger.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder can have dilapidating effects on the victim. But the good news is, help is only a call away.

What is Anxiety Disorder?
Anxiety disorder generally refers to frequent bouts of nervousness, fear, apprehension or worrying without a reasonable cause. Anxiety disorder can have real, physical effects on a person’s behavior.

Anxiety Disorder can range from mild to severe, and can generally have very serious impact on daily life of the patients. Anxiety is considered a problem when the reaction that occurs is out of proportion to what might normally be expected.

Some of the signs of patients experiencing anxiety disorder includes, a pounding heart, tight chest or chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, feeling sweaty, tingly, numb, dry mouth and stomach pain.

Beaumont Psychiatric can help
Beaumont Psychiatric is always available to help. We have recorded great success in short times with assisting those suffering from anxiety disorders.

At Beaumont Psychiatric we are specialists at applying therapies and medication that are specific to the type and severity of your symptoms. We operate a facility that is conducive in an environment that is peace inducing in order to continue to guarantee the wellness of all patients.

Mood Disorder

A fluctuating countenance and severe mood swings are signs of a Mood Disorder. Depression and its associated symptoms are disorders that must be treated promptly to avoid any catastrophic consequences.

What is a Mood Disorder?
A mood disorder is generally an emotional state or mood that is distorted or inconsistent with your circumstances and interferes with your ability to function.

A mood disorder may cause you to be extremely sad, empty or irritable, and sometimes, an alternating feeling of depression and excessive happiness. The inability of a patient to be in control of their emotions, give rise to bipolar and depressive disorders which can in turn affect the day-to-day functioning of the individual.

All categories of people, children, adolescents and adults are prone to suffering from Mood Disorders.

How Beaumont Psychiatric can help
At Beaumont Psychiatric, we have trained staff and specialists that are empathic and highly qualified with managing patients with mood disorders.

We have a pristine facility and have developed treatment programs to help with quick recovery of patients under our care.

Borderline Personality Disorders

A case of Borderline Personality Disorder creates a challenge for all involved. For the patient, it leaves them insecure, unstable and often times highly distressed. For the families of the patient, their lives are distorted and is often filled with anxiety every waking day.

What is a borderline personality disorder?
A borderline personality disorder is characterized by mood instability, impulsivity, fear of being alone or abandoned and a poor self-image. For people with borderline personality disorder, everyday events can trigger significant mood swings and emotional reactions. For example, they may become distressed when plans are changed without warning or someone they are close to leaves on a short vacation.

Some of the unsavory results of Borderline Personality Disorder includes instability in relationships, a constantly distorted self-image and constant mood swings. Patients who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder are often prone to be reckless, involved in impulsive actions and suicidal.

We can help at Beaumont Psychiatric
At Beaumont Psychiatric every case is unique and as such, we treat individuals suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder once diagnosed through a comprehensive plan that is specifically designed to deal with their specific challenge.

Our staff are well trained and our environment, very conducive for healing.

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